European Voluntary Service (EVS)

Since 2010, we offer young Europeans the opportunity to a European Voluntary Service (EVS) in our institution. As an accredited EVS sending organization we also offer young Germans to organize their EVS in other European countries (see in the German language sector).

Depending on individual preferences and abilities Erlacher Höhe Calw-Nagold offers volunteers the following:

1. Development of his/her personality

  • Learning of the German language (colloquial language through work and every day life as well as through a language trainings)
  • Improvement of communication and language skills
  • Integration into a new environment (South of Germany) and interaction with a foreign culture
  • Intercultural competence
  • Experience in working with socially disadvantaged people
  • Empathy, tolerance
  • Development of initiative and flexibility
  • Possibility to represent his/her home country and the own culture

2. Work experience

  • getting to know the departments and services of Erlacher Höhe Calw-Nagold
  • basic understanding of social work in Germany (support possibilities, different approaches)
  • experience in project management through support of different projects (such as international exchange programmes, support for homeless people, administration, creativity workshop for people with special difficulties)

Examples for activities of the EVS-Volunteer and possibilities for own projects

1. Youth exchange programme:

  • Assisting with the preparation of Germans taking part in exchange programmes e. g. with Sweden and Spain
  • Assisting with project management tasks such as the organisation of events (z. B. international meetings)
  • Suggesting for leisure time activities in Germany for Spanish and Swedish interns
  • Updating of website
  • Assisting with developing an exchange programme for apprentices in the hotel business

2. Support for homeless people:

  • Suggestions for and support in every-day situations of homeless people (shopping, doctor's appointments)
  • Suggestions for leisure activities for homeless people, accompanying small groups (e. g. sports, culture)
  • Assisting with administration tasks

3. Creative workshop for permanent unemployed people:

  • Suggestions for and organisation of trips
  • Teaching of techniques to small groups (wood working, chair braiding etc.)
  • Suggestions for new services and products to be offered, assisting in its development
  • Assisting with refurbishment of the workshop

 4. Shop of used furniture:

  • Assisting with transport, repair, sales of used furniture
  • Suggestions for improvement of the shop design

 5. Lessons:

  • Language lessons for customers and interns of Erlacher Höhe Calw-Nagold
  • Preparation of young people for the driver license test

All of the activities mentioned before are exemplary tasks that might be carried out by volunteers. The interests of the volunteer are respected when the schedule for his/her stay at Erlacher Höhe Calw-Nagold is established. The expectancies of the volunteer and his/her activities will regularly be questioned and the schedule adjusted accordingly, if necessary.

Profile of the volunteer and selection process
Erlacher Höhe Calw-Nagold is looking for young people:

  • who are interested in working with socially disadvantaged people in Germany (and possibly already have gathered some experience in working with this target group),
  • who have empathy for homeless and (formerly) addict people of all ages,
  • who are interested in dealing with international exchange programmes,
  • whose strengths are commitment, initiative, flexibility and who are used to willing to work in a team,
  • with basic knowledge of German.

Interested volunteers at the minimum age of 18 may apply to Erlacher Höhe Calw-Nagold via the contact data within the European database of accredited host organisations.

The application should be written in German (or English), sent per e-mail and contain the following information:

  • CV
  • Motivation letter for the EVS at Erlacher Höhe Calw-Nagold, expectancies towards the project, personal goals, experiences (internships, volunteer work, other commitments and interests)
  • area of interest within Erlacher Höhe Calw-Nagold
  • maximum stay in Germany

Dieses Projekt wurde mit Unterstützung der Europäischen Union durch das Programm JUGEND IN AKTION finanziert. Der Inhalt dieses Projektes gibt nicht notwendigerweise den Standpunkt der Europäischen Union oder der Nationalagentur JUGEND für Europa wieder und sie übernehmen dafür keine Haftung.


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postal address:

Marktplatz 16
75365 CALW

contact persons:

Andreas Reichstein
Head of Department Calw-Nagold

phone: 0049 (0)7051 931990
fax: 0049 (0)7051 931999

Friederike Schröder
Tutor EVS

phone: 0049 (0) 7051 93199-21
fax: 0049 (0)7051 931999

Nicole Lauxmann
Project Coordinator EVS

phone: 0049 (0) 7051 93199-15
fax: 0049 (0)7051 9675478